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from 1975, "problem solver" for measurement & control

Measurement and control for...
forces, torque, pressure, displacement,
temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc.

The object of our business are then:

load cells, dynamometers (digital and mechanical), torque-meters (static and rotating), displacement transducers (linear e rotational), pressure transducers, digital thermometers, probes (thermocouples e thermo-resistances), anemometers (rotating vanes and "hot wire"), hygrometers, etc.

and relative electronic instrumentation:
for supply, digital reading, signal transduction and control.

For fixed application on machines and plants, or hand-held use.

This TEKKAL site is a technical site.
From each page (section "schede"), you have direct access to

Technical detailed files (schede)

complete of quoted technical drawings, for all the models,
easy to find by:

Products by type (Indice per argomenti) and

Products by part number (Indice alfabetico).

This TEKKAL site is
the best Italian site of the measurements sector,
easy, essential and immediate to be browsed, for documentation and thorough, complete technical design.

Our technicians, moreover, are always at disposition (..39 / 02/89403672 ),
for any information and preventive analisys of the problem,
with proverbial kindness, availability and competence.


Then, welcome, and enjoy a good browsing!

Notice for international visitors
The pages available in English are directely accessible from the "products" section of this site. 
From the same section "products" can also be reached the pages af all the other sensors and instruments,
in Italian as standard, in English when available. 
For any information, You are welcome to contact our technicians: 
/ by e-mail (info@tekkal.com) directely from each page ("direct contact", on the English version pages, or "contatto diretto" (that means "direct contact"), on the standard Italian version pages,
/ by telephone:  Italy / 02/89403672,
/ by fax:  Italy / 02/89403672,
/ or writing to our adress:  TEKKAL - Via Urbano Terzo, 3 - 20123 MILANO MI  -  (Italy).
We recommend...

For a general look to all the available models,
in the section "products", it is better to use the PRODUCTS BY TYPE (INDICE PER ARGOMENTI in Italian) index 

If it is already known the model of main interest,
in the section "products", it is better to use the PRODUCTS BY PART NUMBER (INDICE ALFABETICO in Italian) index

The section "schede" (in Italian) can be always reached from each page of the site.

We remind that a telephonic talk (0039/02/89403672) and/or a e-mail contact (info@tekkal.com) is in any case advisable and often sufficient to define exactly the problem and find fast the best and convenient solution.
The best solution, and without any commitment.

For e-mail contacts, please don't forget to specify always
/ Your exact name (Company and person),
/ Your complete adress (Country, town and complete adress), and
/ Your e-mail adress!

In default of all the necessary datas, Your request could be, despite ourselves, be delayd or remain unanswered.

Indications and suggestions about the structure and/or content of this site will always be appreciated and welcome !
Thank You!

from 1975, "problem solver" for measurement & control

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TEKKAL - Via Urbano Terzo, 3 - 20123 MILANO MI (Italy) - Tel/fax: ..39 / 02/89403672 - www.tekkal.com - E-mail: info@tekkal.com
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